Fine Art Santa Sessions

I'm so excited to announce that Tammy Hudson Photography is now offering fine art Santa sessions. It has been a dream of mine for several years now and I look forward to making Christmas magical for my clients!

We have a built an exquisite set to have a vintage, nostalgic look to set the scene for Santa's workshop on

Christmas Eve where your child or children will come visit with Santa. They will have milk and cookies with our amazing Santa Gary.

Santa Gary will show the kids a wish list with all the toys on it they have ever wished for. He will also show them their names in Santa's nice book and we are sure they will be excited and remember this session like no other session.

Santa will share the true meaning of Christmas with your Children from the Holy Bible, you can even bring your family Bible for him to read from if you wish!

Kids love to paint with magic paint in the workshop to help Santa finish up a few toys before his fantastic trip around the world!

And a little magic dust on toys goes a long way to make the experience more magical. You could even bring a special toy with you if you like, just remember a vintage toy would look best. A great chance to add in a vintage toy from a grandparent or even a great grandparent!

One final bit of magic and Santa is off to deliver presents to good boys and girls around the world!

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